Pleasure and health combined in the Badener Hof

In the health resort and spa hotel Badener Hof the slogan “to eat healthy and to still enjoy” is written in capitals. For staying fit, a healthy diet as well as enjoyment play key roles.

Considering the selection of food, the Badener Hof takes the health as well as the relish factor into account. On top of that, our kitchen was awarded with the “Grüne Haube” for the excellent use of regional, organic and high quality food.

Experience culinary gusto and healthy diet in perfect harmony.


As a successful start into the day our restaurant offers a diverse breakfast buffet for the delicate gourmet. Lunch and dinner start with fresh salads from the salad buffet. Thereafter, you can enjoy a healthy meal, choosing from three different options – if requested, even a weight-reducing diet, diabetic or light food can be provided.

On selected evenings we additionally serve culinary delicacies on topics such as cheese or starter variations.

Visitors of our house guests are welcomed to enjoy our meals together in the restaurant of the health resort Badener Hof. We ask for an advance table reservation with our service staff.

CAFÉ in the Badener Hof

In our homelike café guests and visitors can enjoy home-made pastries and the traditional coffee house culture.

Opening hours: daily from 9:00 a.m. till 9:45 p.m.