The Badener Hof sets the standard with its therapy offerings on tradition & modernity. The healing power of Baden's sulfur healing water or sulfur mud is used in therapies as well as modern medical applications. Our goal is to restore and maintain your health.

We divide our treatment focuses into 3 categories as follows:

Health Care (GVA)
Indication muskuloskeletal system
Indication muskuloskeletal system
after operations and sports injuries

Our health offer

Cardio Training am Rad mit Patient und Therapeuten

Health Care (GVA)

In addition to treating the underlying problems in the musculoskeletal and supporting systems, the new health program focuses on sustainable improvement of lifestyle factors such as:

  • Movement
  • Nutrition
  • Mental health

Übung Therapeut mit Patient Physiotherapie

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system / rheumatic diseases

Treatment of spinal problems, chronic back and joint pain as well as acute pain conditions such as:

  • Muscle-related back pain
  • Wear and tear on the vertebral bodies
  • Spinal curvatures
  • Osteoporosis-related vertebral body damage
  • Intervertebral disc damage/prolapse
  • Wear and tear of large and small joints (arthrosis)
  • Joint inflammation (arthritis) / rheumatism

Patienten im Wasser bei Gymanstik mit Schwimmnudel

(Sports)- Orthopedic recovery after surgery

Restoration of functionality after operations and sports injuries such as:

  • Condition after joint replacement in e.g. Shoulder, hip, knee, hand or ankle joint
  • Condition after ligament/tendon injuries
  • Condition after bone fractures