Sulphur – the Yellow Gold

The sulphur water in Baden is also called the “yellow gold” und lies in the focus of the healing tradition. From time immemorial, the yellow gold has primarily been used to heal rheumatic diseases and afflictions of the body’s support structure and musculoskeletal system.

For almost 2000 years the Biedermeier town Baden has been linked to the healing sulphur waters of the city. With a natural temperature of as far as 36°C the “yellow gold” reaches the surface.

In the Badener Hof the yellow gold is used in form of mud, bath and drink cures.

The sulphur water of Baden has an excellent anti oxidative effect and, therefore, provides a valuable contribution to prevent civilization diseases. The frequently used term “anti-aging” can here be applied quite rightly. Additionally, research has shown that the sulphur waters of Baden can contribute to a reduction of the “harmful” LDL cholesterol.