After the initial medical analysis and a clarifying conversation with one of our cure physicians, each spa guest receives an individually tailored therapy plan. 

How can I make a Draft on Therapies?

Therapies on Prescription

How to make use of a therapy with prescription if you come to us as a private person?

Following points should be observed:

  • Medical examination of your GP
  • Diagnosis
  • Therapy prescribed by a head physician
  • Room reservation (reservation office)
  • 1-2 weeks prior to arrival: send us your prescription form
  • Stay at the Badener Hof
  • Make use of therapies
  • Meeting the costs via the insurance
Private Stay with Additional Therapies

How to arrange a private stay with extra individual therapies after consulting one of our cure physicians?

Following points should be observed:

  • Room reservation (reservation office)
  • 3 weeks prior to arrival: arrange on desired therapies with the therapy administration +43(0)2252/48580-3700
Approved 3 Week Cure Stay

If you want to take a cure and, therefore, use the benefits of the social security system, you have to apply for it via your treating physician.

The cure and rehabilitation application form can be down loaded on